Shooter’s Wine Blog

24 04 2009

This class really taught me to look for textures in wine, which i never thought of before. I also have to give Mike credit for teaching me to actually like white wines, which i had a negative predisposition towards before, and now enjoy with enthusiasm. Creating the hierarchy of tastes and aromas also really helped me to pick out distinctive flavors that i would otherwise not be able to put into words, or missed completely. I’m gonna have to go with the Nicholas Feuillate as my favorite wine we tried all term, the fact that I actually got the birthday cake smell excited the hell outta me. The New Zealand Sauvigon Blanc from Kim Crawford was too dry for me, and had an acidity that dried my mouth out really bad, killing my palate for it. Anyway, thanks to Mike for teaching one of the most entertaining and engaging classes i’ve had ever.

Justin Moser




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