Sara Friedrich

24 04 2009

My outlook on wine has bettered in my opinion. I understand a lot more about how to read wine labels and know quality of wines, and what i like and dislike. I like sort of knowing the regions it comes from, even though that was the hardest part of the class, it helps learn a little bit more about why the wine tastes the way it does and why its made the way its made.
The most appealing to me was Riesling basically because it is what we tasted a lot of, but also because I am not very fond of red wines due to the tannin. I don’t like the way red wines sit in your mouth and leave it so dry afterwards. White wines are more refreshing to me, and taste much better without the aftershock of the tannin in most cases. Merlot is NOT my kind of wine, wayyyyy too tannic and not very refreshing. I have a problem with this =] Over all, had a great time in class and came out of it knowing a lot more about wine than I did before entering. THANKS! =]-Sara Friedrich




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