jason boland and my thoughts on wine and beverage

24 04 2009

pre april 6, 2008 i did not have any knowledge about wine except for what i had tried and did not like. i never really had the taste buds for the stuff. the only thing i found myself like wine is if i was cooking with it and i used it in a dish. to me wine was always a upper class drink. after taking this class or rather in the middle of this class i really made a 180. i found myself actually likeing the wine and wanting to learn more about it. i would have never realized the vast variety of wines and how each one varys so much. one of the wines that i enjoyed the most from the class was a white 07 charles krug Sauvingnon Blanc,Napa i was not a huge fan of bubble day but still enjoyed one of them. i want to thank you aganin for your exceptional knowledge of this subject and i took a large amount of information out of this class.




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