gina langteau

24 04 2009

i have learned a lot from wine and bev class. how important terrior is or the absence of it, what it embodies to the wine referring to where it was grown. i had always thought that Chardonnays and all varietals all tasted pretty much the same but the area in which they are grown has a far greater impact on the nose and body of the wine as well as the different types and lengths and number of fermentation. my ultimate favorite was definately Sauvignon Blanc New world and Pinot Noir new world. the bright fruity nose and flavors SB is to me a far better wine to drink and the pinot Noir while does have tannin, it is mellow enough for me to actually taste the flavors of what i’m eating with but still able to stand alone as well. Both old world and new have some very desirable qalities however the ones i liked least were Riesling, it was just too sweet on some levels but just right on others. the reds i least liked were both major ones Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot way too much tannin for a drinking wine, but i can definately see how these wine go a lot of different foods, i have however now believe that you can pair bold whites with traditional red wine foods and the sane for light bodied red with other “light dishes” it truly is all about balance. ps fyi willison your enthusiasm is very apparent and contagious and inspiring if the last thing i do in life would be to love something so much as you love enology and viticulture i would die happy loved it have a good trip this year you might see me out there




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