sarah elizabeth watts

23 04 2009

So, I thought that I knew a lot about wine until I took this class…which is a good thing! I have learned SO much in such a short period of time and I realize that there is much, much more that I need to know. I’m excited that I can now go into a wine shop and just look at the bottle and already have a head start. In addition, by looking at the wine label and the region in which the grapes are grown I am able to tell if the wine is going to be sweet or more acidic. I’ve always been a fan of the screw off top and I was happy that this was not looked down upon like it would be by many “wine snobs.” Furthermore, I loved the historical context that was included with the wine tasting of each region. My favorite wines that we tasted in class were the Chenin Blanc, Chianti Classico and the Barbaresco. I was of the mindset for a long time that “good wine” had to be expensive and I love that this class proved that this is definitely not the case. All and all, this was such a great class! I’m sad for it to end!




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