What I think about Wine by Meredith Hamrick

23 04 2009

Before taking this class- I liked to drink wine but never considered myself knowledgable on wine except for what I liked. Now I would like to consider myself a novice of wine knowledge and am going to continue to learn about wine. Of the wines tasted in class- I am going to say I am a white wine kind of girl-and to be more exact- I like riesling. I like light flavors and things that you can can just sit down and drink. Don’t get me wrong- I like other kinds- but this would have to be the one that I would drink the most. My least fave would be cab. sav. just because I have never been a fan of the reds and especially not one so heavy and full bodied. If I have to drink a red- I would probably go with a pinot noir.




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