Jamie Lach

22 04 2009

My views on wine in the past were not great. I guess that’s because I was only used to two spectrums of wine/wine drinkers: family get- togethers where a bunch of people drank “wine” from a box, got loud, and argued about politics, or people who spent a ridiculous amount of money on a bottle of wine to treat like mouthwash (gargle and spit) and then act pompous about it. I have come to realize in the past few years that wine does not necessarily have to come in giant juice box form or have to cost a great deal of money to taste good. I now find myself intrigued in the wine aisles at grocery and liquors stores, especially since I have a better understanding of what I am actually looking at. I used to be particularly against red wines. I remember the first time I was allowed to drink from the crazy-juice-in-a-box, and how the supposed “Cabernet Sauvignon” ripped my throat to shreds and dried my mouth out. Oh, and it tasted like a barn animal. Yum. I naturally assumed all red wines would create a similar experience, so I stayed away. I have to admit that the first time in class when we had a tasting, I was getting nervous as we moved down the line and on to the reds. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and just hoped I did not spit the first one out onto anybody. Turns out, my new favourite wine is Merlot. I enjoy the combination of dark fruit with a cocoa finish. Being scared of reds before, I only ever drank whites, and assumed Chardonnay being a white grape varietal, that I would like it. So far, the few Chardonnay’s we have tasted in class have not impressed me, and I liked them the least. The feel and taste of butter in my mouth is not pleasant to me. During class I have also fallen in love with German wines. They are light and refreshing, and I like being able to drink them without having to add food. The sugar in some of them definitely helps with taming the acid, but does not help with the next day’s headache…




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