Out With A Bang

25 03 2009

As I wind up my CHIC experience I have to look around and consider how perfect it seems to be coming to a close. I have been given a wonderful way of ending things there. Favorite Instructors and yet again a new cohort. The past year has brought many challenges for me and it has made me into somewhat of a ‘cohort whore’. This has had its good points as well as negative… but this final group seems to be a good mix. Some that I know and still one more chance to meet new peeps. A certain freedom fills the air and we are all anticipating moving on. At the same time we all seem burned out and also worried about the immediate future. Externships are being sought and still hard to come by. A real job is even more difficult to find. Both in one seems to be a dream. Yet we go on. Job fairs. Actually applying at George Webb. Scraping away. But this is a hearty group. We will face these challenges and move forward. The flames of going down may be licking at my heels, but I am not giving in!

Brad Lesnick




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