Pierre Vega

7 03 2009

Wine, a staple in church, a drink shared amongst all from the rich to the poor everyone likes it. Wine what a weird drink from grapes, who knew grapes, could be even more awesome! I want to be that guy who knows so much about wine, that loner at the party who can name any wine in his glass just by simply taking a glance at it. What makes wine so great; really wine, a bunch of fermented grapes; end of story right?

Wine is wine and nothing more, except for its aroma, or body, or its flavor, why is wine so hard to some and easy to others and we make such a big deal about it. I enjoyed drinking wine whether it was some red wine from Little Penguin or some white from Winking Owl; my royalty wine above Franzia for deglazing some onions for a sauce. It just seemed to leave a better taste on the palate, but my perception of wine was just wine; a drink we shall have, one that is more igniting than most ale’s. Wine is so much more, with a simple history and besides knowing what grapes are predominant in what regions it really is not all that difficult.

Old world wines are very distinct if you know what you are looking for and one of those distinct features might just be a mineral water aroma and has some of the most interesting finishes out of the variety of wines that I have tried. I was very impressed with some of these wines for being deceitful when comparing their aromas and flavors, but more notable for being consistent wines; it must be the terroir.

New world wines are even more flavorful and boozy, could that be why old world taste is far more eccentric than wines from these regions, maybe. I like wine even more now and that is because I can understand it now, I can pick up a bottle of Château Du Pape is French for New house of the Father and not the “Ninth House,” or that for wines to be categorized on a label is only to distinguish the good wine from the great ones.

I’m a big American man who likes his hard drink and ale, but just can’t keep away from that forgotten hero, one that has been around at the least for 8000 years, so if I have to decide on a region, then I would say a St. Joseph from France for first, Argentinean wine in second, and wine from the Willamette Valley of Oregon in third. The flavors of these wines are so bizarre and are just nice and it doesn’t even matter red or white, they are all so broad leaving room for so much thought. I can’t choose a particular grape because my wine class has opened up my mind just so much more and for the same reason I cant decide what cigarettes to buy, there are just too many and each offer their own characteristics. I just don’t know what I like and maybe that’s a good thing.

Pierre Vega




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