Eric Janz

6 03 2009

The funny thing is I kinda went into this class thinking that I knew a lot about wine and I loved wine. I quickley realized that I didn’t know shit and I also have realized that I love wine even more now. I knew the big 6 but that was about it. When you learn about where all these grapes came from and the beautiful yet extremely hard process that people go through to come up with the final product, it is easy to develop a new respect for wine. The only thing the I’m mad about is that this class is ending. I mean I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface of something I wanna know so much more about. I life goal is offically changed to becoming a full blown wino.

In terms of whites it pretty easy for me to know which one I enjoyed to most. Loire Valley, Sancerre, Sauvignon Blanc. I mean I already loved Sauvignon Blanc but the wine was AMAZING. I love how somehow they hide just a subtle taste of oak in the back and everything else is refreshing. That wine is epic.

It’s a little tougher for me with reds. Not really a huge fan of Pinot Noirs cause I kinda want a red to kick my ass, and Pinot Noirs don’t usally do that. I would say it was wanna the Cabs that we tasted from Bordeaux. However, I really like the Cabs from California that we tasted as well. Anyways, thanks for all the knowledge. Good Times. Cheers




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23 04 2009
james iverson

You sound like a raging alchy….Get it together

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