Chad Dorsey

6 03 2009

I have to say prior to taking this class I was pretty ignorant towards wines. I just thought dudes drank red wines, chicks drank white wines. If i ever saw a guy drinking white wine at a bar i’d point at him and laugh. Now that i’m more aware and educated about wines that won’t happen again. I’ll just point and laugh at him if he looks like a sissy. I’m excited now to share my knowledge w/ others about wine. Looking forward to picking out wines at a store and even recommending wines to people i know. This has probably been the most interesting class so far.

Of the wines i’ve tasted, i have to say my favs so far are the Reislings from Germany, and the Pinot Noir from Oregon, and the Sauvignon Blanc. They were light, medium finish, and fruity. Those three are probably my favorites next to the champagne ofcourse! I’m not a big fan of the heavy tannin wines like Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon because of the high level of tannin which makes it extra dry.




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