Andy Elliott

5 03 2009

Before I took this class I knew very little about wine. This was partly due to my penchant for cheap whiskey and even cheaper beer. I never had any sort of feeling either way about it, my thought was “wine is wine is wine”. I guess you could say I had no clue what I was tasting, and all I knew was the wine in a bottle tastes a lot better than the variety that comes in a box (mostly).
After this class I think wine is really, really interesting. I kinda want to go out and try as many wines as I can get my hands on and learn as much about it as I can.
Out of all the wines we tried I really liked the Trimbach Pinot Blanc. It was nice and acidic, but not super fruity tasting like the Australian whites or some of the Riesling we tasted. I really didn’t like the sweeter wines we tasted like those two Rieslings we tasted the other day. They tasted like those syrup-laced fruit cups I hated as a kid.




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