Tara Robery

4 03 2009

When starting wine class this term, I thought I knew a fair amount already about wine. I have been a “wino” for about 5 years now and found a few of my favorites that I could afford and stuck to them. This class, in the way it was presented and taught REALLY opened my eyes to the simple complexity of this living beverage. I rarely if ever drank white wine before this class, and now I have developed an appreciation and quite a taste for it. Of course red wine especially a cabernet and a shiraz really are what I love, my capacity for trying and appreciating other wines has grown exponentially. I would say that my favorite wine of the whole class happened to be a white wine actually was a 2007 Condes de Alberei Albarino, Rias Baiyas, 12.5% it is a wine from Spain that was similar to the Torrantes from Argentina. It had a very fresh fruity smell of peach and apricot, and a little seawater freshness to it as well. It had little to no sugar, which I love, a medium acidity to it, a medium (decent) alcohol content and a medium finish. It was a very pleasant wine that would go with some of my favorite foods like seafood, or mushrooms, or a creamy soup. Yummy. I really enjoyed this class, I just wish it was 6 weeks long! Thanks mike!




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