Amanda Patt

3 03 2009

Before taking a class in wine most of the wine terms thrown around sounded vague and almost pretentious.
I didn’t realize how many words ona wine bottle were actually prevalent in knowing what the hell you were drinking.I am glad, though, that I now know these terms and their relevance.I ma glad to say that wine makes a little more sense now.
I have always had a preference for all things Italian, but now I have one more to add to the list. Brunello, Nebbiola.. just a whisper of these grapes will allow me to cream my panties. ( did someone say prosciutto?0
I could do without the german reislings, or at least the ones with a lower alcohol percentage. If I want sweet, I’ll go to a flippin candy store. I guess being a real” salt of the earth” chick comes through in my tastebuds as well, and it is nice to know that at least one part of my persona is consistent.
I have also always adored Chilean and Argentinian wines, and now i know why. You can really taste the difference between original old world root stocks and the newer American ones. F-inf phyloxerra.




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