From front to back: the same, different meal. by Green-Green

13 02 2009

My move from the back sences to the back of the house was a bit of a challege in itself. For a person such as my self who enjoys back roll sense as to the lime light of the front of the house. In the back of the house you do not have to deal with the customer straight on, you can just throw yourself into your work and everything goes just fine. But, in the front you must hide how you feel, even if the cover throws you off. Never has my want to lash out at a person been so strong as when a order is sent back four times for no reason and it was done right the first time. Didn’t if this person because they could, but their bad vibe rubbed off on both sides of the house. But working the front wasn’t all bad, i actally got to see people enjoy the meals we make for them and that felt nice. Now that i have worked the front the house I have gained a new found respect the job and the people that do it.




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