People are Stupid by Drew Blackburn

10 02 2009

working in the front of the house has been quite an experience. i have learned new things that i never thought i would have to do since ive only wanted to work in the back of the restaurant. one thing ive learned is that no matter what customer comes in and no matter how they act you have to put on a happy face and just go with it. working in the back of the restaurant i was able to say shit about the customers and not worry about them hearing me if they pissed me off, but in the front of the house if they piss me off i have to just take it and not say anything. working in the front of the restaurant is kind of like going through this program, you will have chefs that piss you off to the point where you just want to yell at them but you know you cant because they are like the customer and can treat you almost any way they want to. i do have a new found respect for the people who do work front of the house because in my short time working as a server i have run into a few jackass’s and i havent been able to do anything or say anything, so i now have somewhat of a feeling of what they go through. these last 3 weeks have taught me a lot and have made me a more well rounded chef who knows what it is like to have to deal with people face to face and not just hear about whats going on while working in the kitchen.




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