A new Dawn by anthony porter

4 02 2009

learning the true meaning of hospitality is something that cannot be only taught by word of mouth. experience is everything: often employees over look the fact that the front of the house is just as important as the operations in the back of the house. critiquing every detail is very necessary if a business is to succeed with a competitive edge. simple things such as does the guest have all the right spoon, knife and fork ware when seated: have they reviewed the order with the guest to make sure that they the (server ) have assured they guess that every necessay step has been takken to make sure that the guest recieves everything they ordered as well as assure them that this is the right place to spend their money when it comes to committment, dedication and good customer service. none of this can be done without a sense of urgency and an accountability to self, the customer and the emloyees.




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