Sara Bernardini

23 01 2009

I love wine and have been drinking it for quiet some time (I’m catholic and you know the Church starts ’em young friend) as well as having the good fortune to have worked as a waitress in restaurants which had great wine training programs. These experiences have lead me to travel multiple times to Europe, primarily to drink the wine. So I feel I have a well developed taste for American wine and also a well developed taste for French wine. What I haven’t had, however, is a way of relating the two. When I ask my European friends “american” wine questions, like what varietal is this wine is, they look at me like I’m silly and maybe a little stupid. And people certainly look at me here at home like I’m stupid when I recommend a French wine but don’t even really know if it’s a Merlot or a Cab. And I do sell wine at my job now so 1000 thanks yous for this class. It really has been helpful in my job and my bosses are really impressed when I tell what I learned in class that day. I most liked the wines from the Cote du Rhone because I spent a lot of time in Lyon, and what I liked least was, shit I’d drink anything so nothing really bothered me.




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