Hmm….there are a lot of wines that I don’t like

23 01 2009

You know, coming into this class I thought I had been exposed to a fair amount of wine. I do not think that is a fair assessment now. I think my opionions and likes are still the same, perhaps with a surprising presence of Riesling that I did not expect to like from Germany (or anywhere, for that matter) I do enjoy both red and white wines and am perhaps a bit pedantic and boring, but I really do like Cab Sauv from California. Rt 1 and Cella No. 8 are good examples. But I also enjoy white…and I was surprised that a Riesling from Alsace, Hugel, I really enjoyed. It was really impressive to find that wine can smell literally like shit or something totally disgusting and yet taste quite good. I am still baffled by this! Our tasting yesterday of Sparkling Wine and Champagne had me leaving school feeling like I needed to throw up. I really did not like the majority of options, but I very much appreciate the exposure to different types. For sure the two wines that I really dislike and had never tried (and hope to not have to again) is Malbec and the Brachetto d’Acqui Marenco. This was an amazing and challenging class which I truly enjoyed.




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