My name is Grant, and I’m a wine-o-holic

22 01 2009

Everyone’s an expert at everything. I’m sure you’re guilty of it. I am more sure I am. before taking my wine and beverage course at the future Le Cordon Bleu-Chicago I thought I was into wine. I saw Sideways and I knew Pinor Noir was good, Merlot was bad, I liked Shiraz, and the French named their wines by region.

Turns out I didn’t know lees nuts. Actually first off, quality Merlot is the shtuff. Smokey, tobacco-rich auromas, and oaky tastes, with berry backdrop flavors, only a jerk would hate that. Second Syrah can be so much more rich and complicated than Shiraz. I hate to be so light on the subject, but I really don’t want to get into a discussion on that one, so before you can interrupt with your favorite $5 sugar enriched Aussie win, I am going to move on like you were a homeless guy asking for a buck in exchange for your damn newspaper.

Third, I could take or leave French wines. Californian meritages are pretty awesome. This is not true of all new world wines. I have started drinking the South African Chenin Blanc and Pinotage. Not a fan. Especially since they’re trying to sell Pinotage as their answer to Hermitage. Lame.

In the end after doing my time as rough as it was drinking, and tasting a little of so many fine wines as a way of seriously dealing with my afternoons, I have really fallen in love with wines and dealing with them analytically.

SO now I’m studying to get sommelier certification. And that would be because I hope to one day be a sommelier now. So thank you Le Cordon Bleu Chicago, for actually having a class with a purpose. Then again that could be the booze talking.




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