22 01 2009

Before taking this class I didn’t like wine much. I would however have a glass here or there at times, but always a red wine, now I’ve come to realize why.
Red wine always gave that rough, dry feeling in your mouth and the smell of alcohol was so strong. I’ve learned that Tannin can really leave your mouth feeling gritty and dry, so now I’ve been trying the White wines and decided that I really love Starling Castle Reisling (Germany) it has that sweet honey and apple flavor that would really go good with a nice salad or pasta. I also like Starborough Sauvignon Blanc it has a refreshing citrus flavor high in acid and kinda has a grapefruit smell to it, I would think this would taste good with umm! Baked Stuffed Shrimp, I love it. Thanks Mike I now have a new look on wine, for the better of course I only wish there was more time to really study and understand fully. Unfortunately the class was only 3 weeks and having two other classes before wine class didn’t help, to many projects, quizzes, midterms and exams there was no time to go back and relook at missed questions. I can tell you this. I learned enough to know it’s important to be able to match up wines with food.

Thank you for your knowledge and keep up the fantastic work
and always keep the students laughing, it’s great! I enjoyed it.

Phyllis Cruz




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