A long, long road. by: Vincent Guerrero

19 12 2008

I find wine to be incredibly interesting. How something with such complexity can be born from something so simple: a grape. It shouldn’t happen, but it does. It is a subject that has been the focus of fable and story, song and rhyme for centuries. It is the most romantic beverage, and certainly one of the oldest in history. Wine is such a simple idea, yet drives many highly educated people to the boundaries of sanity.

Wine. Just the name brings so many images and pictures to mind.

But as romantic and intriguing as this subject may be, it is one that is also very intimidating. Maybe it’s the hundreds of varietals, the thousands of winemakers, or the French AOC’s. Maybe it’s all of these things. Maybe it’s none of them. All I know is this. I have only begun my journey, yet even I can see the benefit to this knowledge. Sure, it’s a scary subject. But every little bit of new knowledge has allowed you to understand it just that much more. Fear is no excuse for ignorance.

The Spanish have a saying for when they drink truly great wine: “Beber este vino es como hablar con Dios”. – Drinking this wine is like talking to God. I can think of only one drink that can invoke such feeling and passion, which deserves such high regard and respect. I have been ensnared by it; I cannot escape it. It has me firmly in its grasp. I know I will be its lifelong student. I encourage anybody reading this to embark on this journey as well. Look to those who have already begun their journey for guidance. But realize that as golf is a game that cannot be won, only played, wine is a subject that cannot be conquered, only pursued.

If that doesn’t make much sense, it’s probably because it is late and my head is a bit foggy. Good luck to those of us travelling this road. I hope to meet you along the way.

Vincent Guerrero




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