ferran andria by Eric M.

18 12 2008

to paraphrase anthony bourdain: The best food is the food altered least. Discovering ferran andria taught me that focusing on base flavors and layering them can create an experience like no other. Chef tim said that he once ate at Trotters and ate a very simple looking dish that gained its depth through its flavor. In the dish vanilla was utilized 12 different ways. I beleive that this is what Chef Andria acomplishes. The two restaurants he showcased in the video as Andria’s favorates were places that utilized depth in an individual item and only used seasonings with a restricted hand. This is very inspireing and intresting to me. What a chef does to the food he or she serves can only be as good as the original product. If that product is the best it can be the dinner will notice. When a chef can merly provide to population with the natural bounties of our earth mixed with a little chemestry (ie the application of heat) the results are endless.




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