Christmas Confusion By: Elizabeth Gutierrez

18 12 2008

So, its that time of year again. You know, that time when everyone is running around like a chicken with thier head cit off trying to go to this store prepair this, buy that. A time when doing simple things like running to the store can be a pain in the butt. People tend to get all stressed with buying gifts for people they forget what the holidays are about family and friends, and of course FOOD. The second most important food food holiday, in my oppinion at least. When I think of christmas I think about one thing. Ham… And stuffing. Okay so thats two things, none the less I am excited to eat! This year its my responsibility to live up to my culinary skills and prepair Christmas dinner for the entire family.
And I have to admit, comming up with ideas for the dishes I want to prepair is a little bit challenging, because there is a part of me that wants to do to keep it traditional, honey glazed Ham, chicken stuffing, and galic mashed potatoes, then theres a part of me that wants to kick it up a notch. Maybe a molases and herb marinade for a pork tenderloin with a hint of tangy mandarin, come herb infused potatoes and instead of the stuffing a nice pearl onion mushroom and bacon ragu. There are endless possibilities on entrees for the holiday. But for somereason I’m not sure what i would like to make for sure yet. Maybe after looking up some recipies in the books. Ive made a lot of things at school so i hope to take some of the variety and applyit to my own meal. Theres always a part of me that feels that I can do things better. This christmas I would like be able to show my knowledge of food and let my family know that culinary school did hone my skills as a cook. Im most likely going to go with my idea of the marinated pork tender loin. Lots of things to make not enough room to eat it all. Happy Holidays.




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