The future of food by Eric M.

17 12 2008

as i browse the site i can see that the future of the culinary world rests heavly on the new and upcoming chefs of today. Many of the chefs i see are between 20 and 35. This is also the same age group of the main dining out market for the next few years, due to swelling of advailable funds to happen in the next severy years for the 20-35 age group. Since i consider this group of people my peers i feel i have a stepahead entering the industry. I am very intouch with pop culture and trends in our times because it intrests me.

With a falling economy and worse times ahead its hard to be optimistic when thinking about the future. but i on the other hand feel it can only get better soon enough. people as a race always find a way to bounce back and i dont consider now an execption. I am optimistic for my future because i know that food will keep progressing and changing to better things. I read an atricle in the RedEye about a chef who opened a bakery that focused on meatloaf and applying it to desserts. This type of change that comes from the new generation of chefs will just feed off of eachothers idead and snowball into something bigger. I hope to be on the front lines of cusine with my peer inovating and chalanging the game. As in any type of craft, your art is dictated by you first but then if you want to make money by the customer. The customer is changing so our products must change as well.

The food industry can be related to the music industry. Food is an expression of ideas from the chef to the customer for a profit (hopefuly), and with music the idea is for an artist to express themselves and hope people can connect and then buy their album. Looking back at the history of music this also have changed with the times. Once apon a time we as a coutry mostly thought that rock and roll was music of the devil, and now poeple have come to accept all types of music as just that music, devil worshiping.

now i must retuen to class.

Eric M.




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