Our Experience in Cafe’ By: Amy Q

17 12 2008

I feel that being in café really made our class work well as a team. In the front of the house in the mornings when setting up I feel that everyone contributed and helped get everything ready, even if they were a hostess, a bus girl or boy, It didn’t make a difference. We all helped with deciding of the drinks of the day and put our input in when we thought that it could be better. Once the café opened in the morning to the public everyone helped out when needed. If the bartender was behind the wait staff would help out with getting their drinks and if someone hadn’t gotten to a table in the first 5 min someone would help serving them. I feel though this whole experience it has brought our cohort closer as a class. We might fight at times but in my hearts we are all like a dysfunctional family that have problems at times but can brush them off when it comes to work. I really enjoyed being café it has showed us the whole picture of what is expected in a restaurant out of each and every person.




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