Chataigne Commentary from James S.

17 12 2008

It is one thing to enter a restaurant and be served; it is another to enter a restaurant expected TO serve.

Working as a server makes a person more aware of the differences between people. The majority of the patrons that Chataigne serves are students and they, for the most part, are all wearing the same standard uniform. I say this because to me there is no difference in who they are or what lives they lead; they are simply the customer and they deserve equal treatment as such.

The differences that I see between customers is what they order and what sort of behavior they produce under different situations.

The following are archetypes of people I’ve come across working at Chataigne (as a matter of opinion):
Standard- Sits with one or more people, orders food without too much customization, talks, eats, and leaves. A typical customer.
Loner- Not necessarily sitting alone, but one who is quiet and has something ready to do while he/she waits for food/service.
Ego- Expects to be treated as if he/she is the most important person in the restaurant. May treat servers as if they are beneath him/her.
Friend- Enjoys interacting with the servers; likely a friend of an employee.

I believe these archetypes are not necessarily good or bad, but it does help to realize what sort of customer is being served in order to make their experience a more enjoyable one.




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