resturant service comparison Zack Kalb

26 11 2008

When comparing our schools resturants service to the one at mercat, there was a number of differences. From their tapas menu, the decor, and also the service. The Mercat was a very interesting way to see what we were taught in service. To start, when we first walked through the door, we were confused on where to go. With it being in a hotel you would believe that we would have had help to find our way around. When we finally got seated, i noticed the decor was off for a spanish resturant. You would also believe that they would have spanish servers. Upon receiving the wine, the manger had poured it in the wrong glass. This had made me think twice.The tapas menu was very good. There was not one dish that i had a problem with. i enjkoyed all of it.Althoguh people were very slow to spot silverware on the table, if the ven did at all. besides the service not being up to par with what we were taught, it was a very great experince to go through as a class. it opened up our mind and eyes to see how service bad service could really mess up the whole experiance.




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