Where is food going in the United States? by Tera P.

24 11 2008

“Where is food going in the United States?” is the question that I was asked to answer.  This question seems to be hard to answer, but yet it is quite simple.  Though there seems to be a big bang with molecular gastronomy, I believe that the concept is merely a trend in most cases. To me if it is not making a dish better than why do you have to do it that way?  Many of the traditional recipes that have been around for thousands of years don’t need any improving or fixing, at least not any major things.  I see nothing wrong with changing a few things in a recipe to make it your own, but when you take a recipe and pick apart just to see if you can do it, that really doesn’t set right with me.

            Ferran Adria really has a gift when it comes to finding different ways to get to the same outcome and finding different ways to present food on the plate.  In this sense I don’t consider it molecular gastronomy, but the mere beauty of culinary art.  A lot of people will say that culinary is not an art but instead a craft.  I believe otherwise.  When you can allow your creative sense to take over you like Ferran Adria does that my dear is an art. Every Chef can’t go into the kitchen and be the master mind that Ferran Adria is and have the success that he has with, not changing the recipe, but finding a different approach to reach the same goal.

            I don’t believe that what Ferran Adria does is a trend, but is something that will last for a long time and give young cooks trying to make it in the industry, like myself, different options when it comes to creativity and how far you can go.  So to answer the question, for the most part people want the traditional home cooked meals that they grew up knowing with a face lift.  No molecular gastronomy will not make it in the long run, but the culinary art that Ferran Adria practices will, because he doesn’t do it for fun, he does it to find new ways of presenting good food.




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