Mercat (Restaurant Review) by Tera P.

24 11 2008

The experience at Mercat for the most part was great.  I liked the almost perfect professional atmosphere and the great tapas that were on the menu.  The one thing that I thought was a little unprofessional was the wine service.  I know that Chef picked this restaurant so that we could see how professional wine service was done and that’s why I was disappointed at how different is was compared to what I was expecting.  They didn’t present the bottle to the person that ordered the bottle, Chef, while opening it and they sat the bottle on the table to open it.  Professional wine service is supposed to be presented to the ordering person at all times even while opening the bottle and the bottle is not to be sat on the table until the bottle has been opened or almost opened. 

            The tapas were very good.  I tasted a sausage that I had never had before and if I knew what it was before eating it, I probable wouldn’t have.  The blood sausage was good as well as the sauce that accompanied it.  Another one of my favorites was the seafood croquettes. They were awesome with the tarragon sauce. The restaurant also had a lot of color.  The multicolored chairs at the tables and the oak finish on the tables were a good atmosphere for a Spanish restaurant.  I do think that they could have made the experience more Spanish by playing Spanish music in the background. 

            The waitress was nice and we didn’t have to look for her when we needed something.  But the service could have been better just by putting out more silverware with each course.  Overall this was an enjoyable experience and I would like to go to this restaurant again for dinner or even lunch.




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