Future of cuisine-Matt Jones

24 11 2008

            After watching Decoding Ferran Adria and discussing contemporary cuisine it is hardto say where modern cuisine is going. Discerning between fads and trends is a challenge and separating whats new from something old redone is even more difficult. I believe that people around the world will continue to chase Chefs like Adria and Keller because they have been so successful in the past. However, I believe they will miss completely on why these chefs are so sought after. People will try to imitate their cuisine not realizing the philosophy of food that drives the truly great chefs. 

       Most culinarians only focus on part of the dining experience and therefore they only see one side of the top Chefs. They don’t see that these chefs are focused on every aspect of the dining experience. While Adria and others experiment with new ways of enjoying food, the world will try and fail to replicate their success. Therefore the future of world cuisine will continue to stumble blindly after the culinary giants never quite reaching the standards that Keller, Adria, and their peers have set for themselves.




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