Thanks! by Maria Obregon

6 11 2008

It feels great to finally be finished with school. I am the first memeber of my family to have completed high school and now college, so it means a lot more to me than to others that are going through this program. Why did I go to culinary school? thats the question we were aked in Culinary skills 1 and through out school. For me its the adrenaline and the excitement of creating something delicious that other people get to enjoy and criticize. I can still remember the first day of class I was so proud and nervous to be wearing my crisp white uniform. I choose CHIC because of their association with the LE Cordon Bleu program. I tought it would be a great investment, honestly I was a little dissapointed. There is many students there that either come straight from high school or others that have no clue on what they want to do and think this would be an easy job. Without very good discipline from the school, there is a lot of students attending school with very poor hygine, displaying a filthy Le Cordon Blue Jacket and pants that look like they have not been washed in months. I would not like to eat at a restaurant if I knew they were cooking my meal. Would You?
Anyway during my time there I was able to meet a lot great people from teachers to students. The most important person that made a great impact on me was my friend and mentor Eric. He has been in the industry prior to going to school. He patiently guided me through school and was there when I had my doubts. Therefore I would like to Thank him and wish him the best of luck in whatever he achieves because I know he is capable of doing amazing things. I will also miss my dear co worker and friend Chardae. She is funny and can give great massages and is obsess with prostitution topic. Thank you guys. I will miss you.
There you have it Mike my last entry, its a little mushy, but who cares…..Did I get my A.




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