Wow I am finally creating a blog by William Michael Trotter

5 11 2008

Welll here it is the final assignemt That I will ever have to do for an in school class. A littel over a year ago I sold, and gave away everything I owned except my computer and my cloths. I had every intention of moving to the Big City attending what I come to believe was one of the best culinary schools in north America. Well a year latter I am simply asking myself if it is worth the time money and seperations from loved ones. I might be a littel jaded since very few of the promises made to me by my admissions rep came true except that I would be paying alot of money, and I would be going through my classes very fast. I did make some great food, I did meet a lot of extremely talented instructors, from intro, to supervision to wine, to cafe the teachers were awsome; here is my problem. I believe that to some extent the mass amount of students with a down payment are completley destroying the merit that my degree is supposed to carry. My admissions rep actually had me believe that I was accepted, not just able to pay.
I have numerous freinds that tutor at this school, and they tell me horror stories of some of there tutorees ( though no names are ever mentioned ) but this schools lets people in and they give them almost every opportunity for gradutation. I think that some of those graduates go out and completely ruin the name of not only CHIC, but Le Cordon Bleu. I should be the very bottom of the pile, not the top. So any student that reads this please don’t be a fucking idiot, show some fucking professionalism. Remember the Blue ribbons cooked for kings…. Not Burger King




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