I really don’t like stupid “foodies” Colin D.

5 11 2008

It bugs me as I have worked in the industry in various jobs for almost 10 years and have never had the opportunity to go one day without some idiot thinking that he knows more(or less as I am not so much a know-it-all like some simpletons I have gone to school with) simply because “My buddy back home owns a restaurant” or my favorite “so did you watch the food network and decide that you loved food?” upon a question as to whether or not that was my reasoning in regards to attending culinary school.  Most people have no fucking clue as to what they are doing in the kitchen or even at the restaurant, a clever family guy bit with Brian and hit stupid date(who I equate to be these people “stoopid foodies”)ordering at a french restaurant “I’ll have the escargot and the chablis” with the pronunciation being made phonetically instead of its proper french terminology.  As I go on and blog I find myself currently infuriated with the way things are going with politics, and not to be overly zealous about it but if anyone knows me they know just how magnaminously obtrusive and sometimes just downright fool hardy. And all stoopid foodies aside suffice it to say:





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