Are CHIC students prepared for the real world????? M Schuette

5 11 2008

Over the last for 12 moths I have decieded to spend ruffly $40,000 dollars and commute four hours a day for what? A culinary education. Over the past few weeks I have been thinking that exact concept, as a class are we prepared for the real world. Overall, I don’t think so. I believe that there was a well constructed basic package of culinary skills delivered to those of us who choose to come to school, but I feel that we have no real concept of what it is going to be like when we are hired. There is no talking back, stepping out to recieve phone calls, showing up late, lazyness, and or half of the other shit that I watch happen on a daily basis with my class. I don’t believe we were taught the basics enough as well either. Making the mother sauces, conumes, and other things of that nature. I also feel that not enough of the insturctors were “real” enough, to many just held some of the weaker students hands, and almost made excusess for them. I know this sounds negative, but all in all I have enjoyed my experience here at CHIC, but I also feel like this was to easy. That if i didn’t push myself to suceed, I may have not taken much away from the 12 months I was here. On that note I would aslo like to add that there are some great chefs and instuctors who do go above and beyond at this institution and I would like to thank them for there hard work and efforts. So thank you.




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