My first flogging – scottC.

4 11 2008

Why am I here?  I was told by my instructor I must go to this web site and write about flogging.  I don’t understand why I should write about flogging?  Who does michael think he is?  Asking personal stuff like flogging?  Flogging sounds more like something from the British navy or some wierd Larry Flint Publication.

Well, it went something like this,  Back in college in the late 70’s it was a 3 day week end and we deceided to get a Keg of beer and some southern Indiana farm girls for cheap entertainment.  Ya know farm girls are exposed to all sorts of odd animal behavior from an early age and add a little (or a lot) of alcohol and giddie up here comes the flogging.

Wait a minute, this web site says Blogg – not Flogg.  OOppss!!!!!!!!!  Never mind.




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