Front and Back Service by Damon G.

3 11 2008

Prior to going to culinary school one had forgot the close relationship yet sometimes distant relationship between front and back of the house.  It in itself at times can be compared to Genghis Khans qwest to conquer and how he as a result opened up trade to the east and west, two seperate yet dependent in many capacity parts of the world, as the world of front and back of the house are the same in culinary.  I say that as neither could function to capacity without the other, and both run like a newly oiled machine when working in conjunction to achieve the ultimate goal, “customer satisfaction.”  You also get a chance to realize that with a little effort from both sides many of the myths pertaining to which is more important front or back, are merely a bunch of self images put before the goal which can only in the long run become a problem.  So in simple, let us understand that both are important, but most importantly both are important to achieve the greater goal.




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