Fine Dining Vs. Not-so-fine Dining – Kremer

3 11 2008

Before I started going to school here, I looked at my job as a lowly, unrespected position that had nothing to offer to me. At the time, I was a cook at Aurelio’s Pizzeria in Crown Point, Indiana. As I progressed farther and farther in the program, I learned what being in a “real” kitchen was from various chefs and my classmates. All the while, I was learning skills that I could actually apply at work. Towards the third quarter of the program, I started to see that the skills I learned making a few hundred pizzas a night at my job were actually helping me prepare for the road ahead. I started asking myself, is being a cook at a small town pizza shop really that different than being a cook at a fine dining restaurant? Both settings place the cook in a hot, cramped kitchen where being fast and efficient is crucial. Muscle memory and acting on the fly, long shifts and late nights. Now I realize while there are quite a few differences between the two, ultimately they are the same. My experiences that I thought were meaningless in the culinary world have actually prepared me to work in the “real” culinary world.                                                                                                    – Kremer




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