3 11 2008

    Going to culinary school was a unforgettable experience for me, but more than ever will be the memories that my corholt  shares. At the end program, right before externship we all got a chance to work together in the school restaurant call ” CHATIGNE”, where we got a chance to display most of the skills we learned in the previous class and work as a team.

    The ”CHATAIGNE” has a fine dining setting that is more on the casual side, we also have a bar that serves non-alcohol drinks. we a have a window in the back of the restaurant so that the customer that come to dine can see first hand the chef instructor and the students prepare meals. We have 60 seats and nice music playing in the background.  The restaurant is more a student focus class, so you won’t see too many very fancy thing there and and depending on the class at the time the service can vary so it won’t be very consistent. The staff here is trained to meet good customer service, and to help each other out when they can do so.

   Right before before the class was about to end, we went on a field trip to a restaurant call EVA’S. EVA’S is a new fine dining in the downtown area that serves American contemporary food. The service were just like the servce that we do at the the CHATAIGNE. the only thing that I seen different was that they have a Private dinning for guest  and that when you walk in the place you can tell that it cost some money to make the place look pretty as it did. The kitchen was also very quiet there, and they had alcohol at there bar.I also notice that instead of putting two forks down when we set our table, they use one and just exchange the dirty one when done, but you would have to have pretty good experience to keep up with that. Also there kitchen is smaller that the one at the CHATAIGE, I guess the student will have more space to fix any mistakes.

  Both restaurants are good with their service from what i have seen, EVA’S have professionals that been working there job for some time now, and the CHATAIGE have students that have goals to make it the shoes of some of the employees there. I had a good experience at both places and can’t wait to start my career in the culinary field.




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