Bercy sauce By: Alan G.

3 11 2008

Bercy  is from a part of Paris.   It is a small sauce made from a mixture of a brown sauce and a brown stock.  Which is then  reduced down   to form a demiglaze.  Then when a dry white wine is added with shallots and reduced down again. To form the Bercy sauce.  Also, it can be made with a veloute’ sauce      to be used with for fish and with demiglaze is made for meats. As you can see the Bercy sauce is universal with both meat and fish .Depending on the mother sauce and stock used to form the end results of the dish.

The ingredients for the bercy sauce is as follows:

Demiglaze  sauce

1 Gal.   Brown sauce

1 Gal.  Brown stock     Yields:  1 gal. Of sauce


Fish veloute’

 White Roux

5 qt Fish stock



2 oz chopped shallots

½ c add Fish veloute’ 

2 oz butter

2 tbsp chopped parsley

TT lemon juice

Reduce by 2/3 shallots and white wine, then add Fish veloute’ and reduce down a little bit and then finish by mounting butter, add parsley and lemon juice and garnish.

References:  Professional cooking by : Wayne  Gisslen  1983 copyright

                        Food for Encyclopedia on Bercy sauce history




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