U.S. Food, Where is it goin now??? By. Joenard C.

13 10 2008

The concepts of food all around the world has change a lot over the past couple of years. But where is it going now? There is a more contemporary view of how food now is portrayed. Restaurants like Alinea & Moto in Chicago are two of many restaurants that have started mixing science with food. Many of these concepts consist of 10 plus courses that could take several hours to eat. You could also add in small portion, deconstructive courses, foams, and molecular gastronomy.

The food will take you to a new understanding of how people eat, look, and smell food. But some chefs do not like where this is going. I personally would like to pay for a cheap greasy food meal instead of dropping 100 plus on 12 course meal. But if I would have the chance to try out the food and experience it, I would do it.







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