Molecular Gastronomy or Molecular Blasphemy by Eric Sibley

13 10 2008

Coke Cola suspended in Brazilian Rum, Duck Fat Egg White Foam, and Cardamom Milk Pudding Converted into Ice Cream with Liquid Nitrogen; what is next? Food in restaurants is definitely changing with the times. Is that a good thing or is it a slap in the face to the culinary profession. Lots of chefs are intimidated by this new wave cooking, and don’t want to give it a chance. Unlike these cooks and chefs, I personally think that its very interesting and will change the act of cookery for the ages ahead. The only question that I have is; Were chefs acting like this toward the nouvelle era of cooking?

I like nothing more than my grandmother’s classic Louisiana French cooking. My interest in the culinary profession was spiked by her delicious food. But I don’t want to limit myself to coq au vin, or seafood gumbo. I want to continue learning new and different ways to prepare food. Its all about experimentation with ingredients, and cooking techniques. The day that I stop learning in this industry, will be the day that I get out of it.

The food isn’t the only change to come with this “molecular gastronomy” rampage. Plate presentation is different as well. From my experience most chefs that are adopting this new fad are plating more along the abstract side of things. Food is not placed on the plate in any strategic manner. “Its just put on the plate, where the food may fall it will stay”. That is how my chef describes his plate up techniques. In my opinion these plate ups look pretty cool. Some are a little overboard. Lots of establishments that are serving this food are serving more courses, and smaller portions. Its somewhat of an exaggerated degustation menu. This style is used for destination style restaurants.

I’m not thinking that this new form of cooking is going to take over restaurants and house holds. However, it is going to make its mark in food history. El Buli Restaurant, and Alinea are two restaurants that have made their mark with this new style of cooking. They are rated two of the best restaurants in the world. In my opinion this is just the natural evolution of food, and if everyone decides not to give it a chance then its their loss. Who is they, and who is everyone.




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