“The_ Future_Of_ Food_ Dining _in _America”_ by_ Roland_ S.

10 10 2008

So what do we think the future has in store for us when we look at dinning in America Today?  Well I believe that we will never turn down a hearty cooked meal from one of those hole in the wall diners, that use simple flavorful ingredients and proper cooking techniques that makes steaks and mash potatoes so damn good. But now we have to look at whats really going on in the restaurant industry. We all heard of molecule Gastronomy at one point in time. Which is the chemistry and physics behind the preparation of any dish: for example, why a mayonnaise becomes firm or why a souffle swells.

One may think of Molecular Gastronomy when you hear about the amazing creations done by chefs like Ferran Adria of El Bulli in Barcelona , who is the innovator of “Molecular Gastronomy”, which gave Chicago its own taste of this fade or trend with the  wild dishes from Chef Homero Cantu from “Moto” and Chef Grant Achatz of Alinea. The trend these chefs have made is the 12, 24 to 36 course menu which ranges from $120 to $800 dollars, that gives you a day of enjoying amazing food that can take up too 2 to 6 hours to eat, so make sure your hungry!! Which people have said could lead to what we think may change the way we look at food.

So whats in store for the food Industry? So we say to ourselves, is this going to become a Fade or is it going to revolutionize the way we look and eat food today or can this be something the food industry has been waiting for since the first restaurant opening in Paris in 1765. Monsieur Boulanger, which served a single dish — sheep’s feet simmered in a white sauce yummy, to the first restaurant in the United States, Delmonico’s Restaurant, which was opened in 1827 by brothers Giovanni and Pietro Delmonic who served up “Steaks” of all things. So you draw your own conclusion and will see what the future holds for us who dine out..

bon appetit!!!!




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