thankyou by liz solheim

26 09 2008

okokok this may not be the foodiest blog that ever lived, but lets face it Tim Ziegler, I could post about galoshes and escalators and you’d still give me an A+++++++. I’m just that good.

so instead im going to say thank you. if it werent for the awesome chefs and our amazing class/second family, chic wouldnt have been chic for me.

all of the chefs that we’ve had have been so talented, but there have been a few that have stuck with me, and i think with the rest of our class. we came expecting the basics, and we got sososo much more than that. i dont think we’re supposed to name names in this whole blog situation, but you probably know who you are, and yes even you fancy shoes, you got us started and we were lucky enough to end on you, none of us would be the cooks we are now if it werent for you.

and our class, you guys are great. we’ve lost a few along the way and gained some, but i think we knew from the beginning who was going to last til the end and we did. youre all so super talented i know we’re all going to do great things.

good luck babies, and thank you for making this last year of my life so awesome.

solheim OUT!




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