sandwichessandwichessandwiches.hooray by lizsolheim

26 09 2008

if we’re talking about my favorite food, we’re talking about sandwiches. i love them. everything about them. the greatest thing about sandwiches is there are so many options. seriously boys and girls, lets think about this. theres a perfect sandwich out there for everyone. even the crazy vegans, no carbies, and those unfortunate ones afflicted with gluten allergies. i think vegan bread tastes like cardboard but oh well, as long as it doesnt cast a shadow right? for normal floury yeast crunchy yummy bread, the sky is the effing limit. for me personally, i like to rock the sourdough on most sandwiches, but im pretty much down for whatever.

okok moving away from bread, lets get to the good stuff, toppings!!! its so fun to get fancy and adventurous but im not going to lie, i dont think theres anything wrong with a plain old tomato sandwich or a grilled cheese on wonder bread. theres something comforting in those. but if we are getting creative then lets do it.  my perfect sandwich is all about balance of textures and flavors. crunchy, creamy, chewy-salty, cheesy, and my favorite, pickle-y. with all the heavy stuff like mayo and cheese and meat, i love to have something bright and sharp to cut through all that good stuff.

so listen up buddies, its up to you to find your perfect sandwich. no cheese, extra maters, grilled, triangle halfs or rectangles, crust off, whatever, its out there. god speed.




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