Watch out for MSG in your food! Read your food labels – Carla Caruso

25 09 2008

MSG – Vertigo and seizures are among severe reactions to food additives that affect a relatively small number of people. But, many people suffer from chronic conditions including migraines, swelling of the hands and feet, hives, rash, panic attacks, and asthma; all conditions which after testing are unable to be explained by a doctor. Because these people have found no diagnoses for their condition, it often takes years before they realize that the answer has been in their diet. After cutting MSG from their diet, many are discovering that their chronic conditions are disappearing when they stop poisoning themselves with MSG, or monosodium glutamate—one of the most common, and increasingly hidden, food additives in foods today. MSG, or MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE, is a flavor enhancing food additive first developed by a Japanese company in 1907. It was introduced to American consumers in 1947 as “ACCENT flavor enhancer.”  MSG is derived from the fermentation of certain starches and plants, originally from Wheat Gluten. It comes in powdered form, and dissolves in water or saliva into sodium and glutamate. The affect, known as “umami,” stimulates protein receptors on your tongue making you believe the food you are eating is more nutritious and savory than it really is. This substance is found in almost every “bagged, bottled, or canned” processed food like canned soup, meats, and seasoning. MSG has long been associated with Chinese food as well. As mentioned, many who suffer from the common symptoms like headache, stomach problems, dizzy spells, and depression, are not even aware of the culprit. 

Read the labels! Sadly, many foods touting a “no msg” label are simply hiding the msg or free glutamate under a different name including “natural flavoring, vegetable protein extract, and spices.”   Try eating things that are 100% natural for a week and see how you feel physically. You might be pleasantly surprised.

-Carla Caruso




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