Not your ordinary Potato Soup By : Gabriela V.

25 09 2008

I have always been a real big fan of soup. Its perfect for all seasons even in the summer too! This soup is one of those year round soups. Its quick simple and very delicious. I have always been making a red potato soup rather than the  common cream of potato soup that everyone is used to making. My recipe calls for no cream whats so ever but still, it is full of rich flavor and low in fat. I love to make this soup in the Autumn or on a cool breezy afternoon. Leftovers are great with a grilled cheese or a chicken pomedori panini. all you need is for a medium sized batch is : 3 tbs of butter, 1 leek chopped mixed with a little bit of chopped onion, mirepoix-fine diced, 1 1/2 quarts of chicken stock, 2 basil leaves, 4 to five potatoes , 2 pinches of flour ( optional) , some garlic cloves and a bottle of tomato sauce.

Fist we start by heating up the saucepan with the butter and a little bit of olive oil . We then place the leeks and onion in and sweat. Also to add a little extra flavor , what I sometimes to is add some pieces of smokes bacon to give a real good kick. Now add your mirepoix and stir adding a pinch of salt. Now add a pinch or two of the flour , basil, and stir. At this time you will then add your stock and diced potatoes. Let it simmer until the potatoes are tender and adding water as needed. Once done add some canned crushed tomatoes with its juices or tomato sauce. Incorporate by mixing and then add your garlic and simmer for about 10 more min. When done serve with some grated cheese with a side sandwich your your choice. Enjoy 🙂




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