My top Three culinary websites – Carla Caruso

25 09 2008

Since searching for something on the web can seem endless here are three of my favorite culinary websites out there in the cyberworld. They are not necessarily in order and most of them have different functions.


1. –  Not only is it an awesome place for cooks tools but it has some of the best recipes I’ve ever made.  It always has the best seasonal cookware and everything is top of the line.  It also has awesome entertaining ideas.  It is for every kind of cook – the home cook and the professional chef alike.

2. – This website is the link to all culinary magazines and their websites like:  Gourmet, Bon Appetit, Self, and Nutrition Data.  You can do so much on this website.  You can post blogs, set up cooking videos and demonstrations that they feature from time to time on the website, find awesome recipes, and search food articles and guides.  It is basically a culinary youtube on steroids. They also have a feature where you can make your own food and wine dictionary so you can track all the recipes and wines you’ve tasted.  I can spend hours on this website and not even scratch the surface so check it out!

3. – At this site it strictly has products to buy.  You can buy anything from the best olive oils and vinegars to crystallized edible flowers.  If you ever have a recipe that calls for something ‘special’ I bet you this website will have it.  

So there you have them.  If you bookmark these three websites you will rarely have to visit any others!




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