Gas or Beef which will you choose? (How exspensive will beef get?), Kenneth Watson

25 09 2008

Gas or food thats the question. From certain sources I have heard the price of beef is skyrocketing. You mean to tell me I have to choose between transpotation or protein?(haha)  The price of all primal cuts are at a high. I actually saw a pound of prime rib for $38.75lb that ludicris!! Beef is a source of protein we all need an even the most cheapest cuts such as ground beef is the cost of a porterhouse 15 years ago. If you go to a elegant restuaraunt you will find $80 dollar steaks and even lower class steakhouses will charge you an arm and a leg for a poor cut or grade of beef. My answer is to cook my steaks at home but, to cook it and buy it is almost the same if not more. Beef is my favorite protien but somthing have to give. Ican’t give up my steak with a thin trimming of fat carmelized to perfection med-rare with oinion and mushroom topping and a nice nappe demi-glaze(mmmmm). So what I say to you my fellow beef lovers is enjoy the beef before it all becomes bull.




One response

26 09 2008

I choose protein!! LOL

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