Americas new favorite sauce (Alfredo sauce), Kenneth Watson

25 09 2008

Alfredo sauce has become one of the top sauces on resturaunt menus. Sauces was once a a flavor enhancer of meats but, now it’s mainly a item for pasta and noddles. At one point in time everyone needed tomato sauce to accompany thier dishs. But now in the great age of cheese on everything we perfer dairy than acid in our dishes. Alfredo sauce is a sauce simular to a bechamel with cream and parmesan cheese. The sauce has become so popular it has been presented on meats also topped with shrimp or any other seafood. The thick creamy texture of the suace will enrich anything from pasta to meats and seafood. Next time you are in any resturaunt please take a look a the menu and see how many times you see alfredo it will surprise you.




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